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What is Dysport?

Dysport is an injectable drug that fights fine lines by reducing muscle activity. The active component in Dysport is a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin, specifically a type called abobotulinumtoxinA. When your cosmetic specialist administers the medication into specific muscles beneath your skin, it inhibits their movement for 3-4 months at a time. Known to be fast-acting, long-lasting and natural in appearance, the small doses administered ensure that you won’t look frozen or overdone.

You can still use nearby facial muscles to continue expressing yourself and showing your emotions.

How long does it take to see results of Dysport?

You won’t see your results right away as you leave The Rolling Stone MedSpa. However, you’ll be able to see the full effect approximately five to seven days after the treatment. When your frown lines begin to reappear, you can book follow-up injections with your cosmetic specialist to continue enjoying noticeably smooth skin between your brows.

What can Dysport treat?

Some people wonder how reducing muscle movement leads to fewer wrinkles and fine lines. Many of the fine lines on your face appear because of the movements and expressions you make with your face, then get deeper over time. Soon, you no longer only see the lines when you smile, frown, or otherwise express yourself: They’re present all the time. 

Dysport treats lines like these, which are called dynamic wrinkles. Specifically, the injections can erase frown lines from the site. Frown lines are the dynamic wrinkles that appear between your brows and can be a prominent part of your appearance.

Am I a good candidate for Dysport?

In order to find out if you’re a candidate to add Dysport injections to your treatment plan, you should sit down for a brief consultation with your cosmetic specialist at The Rolling Stone MedSpa. You’ll be told whether or not you can safely get Dysport injections after reviewing your medical history and discussing your treatment goals. Your cosmetic specialist might add Dysport to your treatment plan if:

  • You’re over 18
  • You’re under 65
  • You don’t have any deep facial scars
  • You aren’t allergic to any ingredients in Dysport
  • Your goals for treatment are realistic
  • You understand how the treatment works and its risks

If you meet the criteria and are generally healthy, Carrie gives you instructions to follow as you prepare for your upcoming treatment. You should book your injections at least two weeks before any important events where you want to look your best. Stop using aspirin and certain supplements beforehand to minimize bruising. If you happen to get a rash or skin flare-up ahead of your treatment, you may need to reschedule to avoid aggravating it. 

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